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Welcome to Centurion project!!

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CENTURION NFT is a collection of unique artworks on the Polygon Blockchain. A centurion—an officer who was leading the ancient Roman army-inspired these NFT concepts. We combine the centurion and his horse in one frame to solidify their comradeship.

Allocation of Funds from the NFT sales

87% of the funds from the sales of all sold NFTs will goes to Centurion Capital. It serves as the Venture capital of this Project.

5% goes to the team who created this Project.

5% Project Development, fund will be used to maintain and further development of this website and Project.

3% goes to charity as we are committed into providing assistance to individuals in need, especially now that calamities are occurring in many regions of the world.

87% Centurion Capital

5% Team

5% Project Development

3% Charity

Centurion Capital

The CENTURION CAPITAL serves as the Centurion’s Venture Capital. 87% of the funds from all sold NFTs will be allocated to Centurion capital and this will be used to invest in high-potential Cryptocurrency projects (Early stage investment like Seed sales, Pre-sales, and Private sales ), where each Centurion NFT represents its right to the Treasury of Centurion Capital.

Distribution of acquired assets

50% Airdrop to NFT Holders

40% Treasury of Centurion Capital

5% Team

5% Real World Project

50% of each Coin/Token acquired through Centurion Capital investment will be Airdropped to all NFT holders.
see WhitePaper for more info.

40% of Coin/Token acquired will go back to Centurion Capital Treasury And will be used to reinvest to another potential project.

5% will be split into Two, 1 part goes to the Centurion Team and the other one goes to Centurion Capital research Team.

5% will be used to fund the Real World Project that will generate revenue to sustain the treasury of Centurion Capital and the whole ecosystem.
see WhitePaper for more info.

Centurion Forest

Natural disasters may be impossible to prevent, but steps must be done to lessen their impact, particularly in large countries. Above all other types of natural disasters, typhoons and floods are considered to be the most common and damaging events worldwide, and according to environmental specialists, planting trees is one of the best way to address this main problem.

To develop Centurion Forest, the Centurion team chose to contribute their 30% share of NFT sales and 20% share of Centurion Capital. Furthermore, all royalty fees collected from Centurion NFT transactions will be directed directly to Centurion Forest. Centurion Forest was established with the goal of protecting, preserving, and assisting our environment from climate change through tree planting, clean-up drive, and participating in any other activities that can help preserve our environment .


We are committed to establishing a long-term Roadmap for the community's future.


*Team Creation

* Planning


*Launching of Twitter and Telegram account

*Building of website


* Launching of Website.


*Partnership & Collaboration.


*Launch of Minting.

* Start operation of Centurion Capital

* Tree planting

* Onboarding of Team of Engineers For the Real world Project.

Roadmap V2 Coming


Our team is made up of experts from a multitude of sectors, including Engineering and Technology , Finance, and Arts , and we are all passionate about cryptocurrencies. We are really motivated and committed to contributing our expertise to the project in order to produce something outstanding.

Mark Peñero


BS-Civil Engineering. Worked in various Construction companies as a site Engineer also a Web Developer.

Jonathan Capili


BS-Civil Engineering. Worked as a Project Engineer in the Middle East for 11 Yrs.

Erica Herreros


BS-Electronics & Communication Engineering. Working as Associate Software Engineer-Support Analyst in various Tech Company in the Philippines

Joel Peñero


BA-Management. Former business analyst for the Philippines' leading pawnshop & money transfer firm. His 7 years of experience in financial industry has transformed him into an asset and help in the development of the company's competitiveness.

Jinky Lanzaderas


BA-Banking & Finance. Former COO of E&J Trading.

Ritchard Colaste

CO-FOUNDER/Digital Artist

BA-Financial Management. Has passion for portraiture, graphic design, and digital art. He is also a crypto enthusiast.

Sahrah Jane E. Ventura

Financial Adviser

BA-Human Resource. Licensed Financial Advisor & Unit Head of AXA Philippines. Also a former employee of Paypal, Concentrix and EXL Service Philippines .

Janella Macabugao

Software Engineer

BS-Computer Science. Work as a Software Engineer of Fujitsu.

Nel Montilla

Software Engineer

BS-Computer Science. Work in various tech company in the Philippines as a software Engineer.

Jasmin Polvorosa

Web Developer

Student of BS-Computer Science. Crypto Enthusiast.

Joey Colaste

Graphics designer

BS-Political Science. Digital Artist, Graphics designer and Crypto Enthusiasts.

Reanie Colaste

Community Manager

Student of BA-Financial Management, Content Creator, and Former Radio Producer She established techniques to create and supervise social media marketing campaigns.

Ellin jin Lanzaderas

Social Media Moderator

Student of BS- Civil Engineering, Cryptocurrency Enthusiast.


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How many Centurion NFT’s are there?

There are only 4,444 limited edition Centurion NFT's that will be minted.

What is the price of each NFT?

The price will be 120 Matic per one NFT.

How many Centurion NFT can I Mint?

There is a maximum of 5 NFTs per wallet on pre-minting and will be closed after 2000 NFTs are minted.. Maximum of 10 NFTs per wallet on Public minting and a mininmum of 1 NFT in all Minting phases.

When is the Pre-minting and Public Minting?

To be announce.

Who is eligible for an Airdrop?

All NFT holders is Eligible for the Airdrop. More details will be announce in the future.